Tricket, is young sport which was devised in 2008, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, by Vishal Aggarwal.


Tricket is a sport similar to Cricket. It is played between three teams. The name Tricket is derived from Tri (three) and Cricket. Tricket has a unique scoring system. Tricket is a dynamic game in which is constantly changing. Tricket can be very tricky, true to the name Tricket.  An exhilarating sport, Tricket is fast-paced and full of action. Tricket is played with a bat, ball and wickets in a fashion similar to conventional Cricket. Tricket tests skills of players to the fullest and rewards presence of mind.


Why Tricket?

Cricket is played in many variations or formats –Test, One day and Twenty20. Test Cricket is a long and slow game and gradually becoming less popular. “One day” with 50 over matches and Twenty20 Cricket with only 20 over matches have gained popularity. As the games in cricket shrinks the importance of fall of wickets is going down. In “one day” format each side played 50 overs of 6 balls i.e. 300 balls for 10 wickets or about 30 balls per batsman. In Twenty20 format only 20 overs of 6 balls each equates to 12 balls for each batsman to face. Thus fall of wickets has lost its importance to a large extent. One way of correcting this deficiency is reducing the team size. However, in order to maintain the number of players on the field, the game may increase the number of teams to three instead of the normal two teams. However, when this happens, different rules have to be formulated to determine the superiority of one team over the other two. This is why Tricket is here.


What is unique in Tricket?

Tricket is a game played between three teams consisting of six players each. The game is played in a fashion somewhat similar to cricket, but there are specific methods and rules of play which are specifically devised for Tricket. Each team bats once while the other two teams bowl and field. The aim of the batting team is to score runs while the aim of the fielding teams is to bowl the batting team out, and collect more runs for themselves. The team with the maximum number of runs wins.

In Tricket, batsmen have more incentives to bat aggressively and tactfully. Bowlers have more incentives to bowl tight and get wickets. The way field is being set and calls are made by the captain of the teams make a huge impact on the outcomes of the game. Depending on the circumstances of the game and their abilities, all teams may not get equal opportunity to bat and bowl. Also depending on the circumstances in the game the interests of the bowling and fielding teams may differ. This makes Tricket a tricky game where tact, technique and luck all play big roles.



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