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Be they tournaments, featured games, instructional clinics or professional development seminars, we do Tricket events first-class. We talk about the passion for the game — nowhere is that more evident than getting you on the field to play, coach or officiate. Our events bring your membership to life. 


We’re the "how-to" capital of the Tricket world with access to the game’s best playerscoaches, and officials, who are more than happy to share their knowledge with their fellow members.


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Forgive us, but Tricket tugs at our heart. It may for you, too. If you can never do anything else, joining or renewing a membership in International Tricket Association each year is the single best thing you can do for the sport. Your membership makes a loud statement to the world as to how much you love Tricket and sets you apart from others who are still stuck with old-fashioned Cricket.

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Is Tricket a new sport or new format of Cricket? 

Definitely, Tricket originated from Cricket and more specifically from growing dissatisfaction from newer versions of Cricket especially Twenty20. The game of Cricket in Twenty20 format has been reduced to blind hitting   

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