International Tricket Association founded

Tricket registered as Trade Mark

Tricket Patent Filed

First Tricket Match played - December 8th, 2012 Tulsa, OK, USA- 

International Tricket Association conducted the first ever match of Sport of Tricket in Tulsa on Saturday, December 8, 2012 at Ute Park. Ute park is located on Virgin Street and North Pittsburgh Avenue in north Tulsa. Tricket has never been played before anywhere in the world.

The sport of Tricket was developed in Tulsa. International Tricket Association was formed to promote the game world-wide. Tricket is played in same way as Cricket.  Cricket is played between two teams of eleven players and is popular in United Kingdom, South-east Asia, South Afirica, Australia, and Caribbean. Tricket is a game played between three teams consisting of six players each. Tricket has specific methods and rules of play which are unique to Tricket which are available on  


Three teams from local Cricket clubs of Tulsa – TCCT (Tulsa’s Coolest Cricket Team), TSCL-A and TSCL-B (Tri-State Cricket League Teams A and B) participated in First Tricket match. The match was action packed and thrilling and lasted three and half hours. TCCL were winners of the match and were awarded cash Prize of $300.