The order of bowling and batting is preferably decided by the roll of a specially designed die as illustrated in Figure. Three colors are each placed on two adjacent sides of the die. Each team is assigned a color by the match official. These letters match the letters on the die which is rolled to decide the batting and bowling order. The team whose assigned color is on top (team A) will then bat while the other two teams will bowl and field. The team whose assigned color is on the bottom of the die (team C) will bowl the first over to team A while the team whose assigned color was only on sides (team B) will throw the second over. The teams will alternate the bowling thereafter as illustrated in figures below. Once the batting of the first team is finished, team B will bat while team A will bowl its first over and team C will bowl its second over, and then alternate thereafter. After team B is finished batting then team C will bat and team B will bowl the first over and team A will bowl second, and alternate thereafter. Thus the order in which teams play depends entirely on the way the die lands.

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