In Tricket, the team with the most runs wins. But as players, coaches and officials, families and fans, we know we derive more from Tricket than just results on the field. Tricket provides models for teamwork, leadership, fitness, excellence, traditions and connections that we carry through in everyday life. The International Tricket Association with its various chapters and subchapters, provides ways to further your connections with the sport while furthering the responsible growth and legacy of Tricket.


While membership income primarily supports member communications and services, any additional contributions to the International Tricket Association provide further resources crucial to the organization's mission to serve the sport through promotion, development, education, training and resources. There are many ways to support Tricket, through leadership, annual gifts, national team support, legacy planned giving, gifts of stock, memorial and honorary gifts, or corporate and matching gifts, all of which provide meaningful ways to signify your personal commitment to Tricket. We invite you to show your support of the sport today. 



Is Tricket a new sport or new format of Cricket? 

Definitely, Tricket originated from Cricket and more specifically from growing dissatisfaction from newer versions of Cricket especially Twenty20. The game of Cricket in Twenty20 format has been reduced to blind hitting   

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