This section is designed as an introductory guide for parents who are relatively new to the game of Tricket. We hope to provide information - ranging from game rules to equipment needs - that will help you in your understanding of the sport. 

Table of Contents
1 – The Role of Parents
2 – The Role of the Coach
3 – The History of the Game
4 – Tricket Field Diagram and General Guidelines
5 – Game Overview and Field Positions
6 – Equipment 
7 – Rules
8 – Glossary of Terms for Tricket
9 – The Sportsmanship Card Program
10 – The Positive Coaching Alliance

A printed version of the Parents' Guide will be available for purchase through ITA online store.



Is Tricket a new sport or new format of Cricket? 

Definitely, Tricket originated from Cricket and more specifically from growing dissatisfaction from newer versions of Cricket especially Twenty20. The game of Cricket in Twenty20 format has been reduced to blind hitting   

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